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Telelink Communications has been serving the Australian market since 1986, with a range of High Frequency Radio Systems, VHF & UHF Two Way Radios, SCADA Telemetry, Satellite Systems,  including associated wireless products and engineering services. With the emergence of low power radio module technology in the late 80ís, early 90ís, Telelink began to provide OEMs with miniature low cost radio modules from the U.K., to service a growing market demand.

Today, Telelink provides a wide range of high technology, low cost radio modules from manufacturers in the U.K. & Japan. These products offer a solution for many wireless connectivity requirements, along with an easy path to project integration. Telelink also offer product support, along with applications engineering advice, radio site surveys, interference diagnostics/environment testing etc.

If you want the right Ďwirelessí ingredients for a successful project recipe, THINK Telelink! Donít want to be confused by wireless gobbledegook and confusing buzz words? TALK to Telelink! We will give you honest advice, so that you can make the right purchase decision for your OEM low power wireless requirements.
Browse our Web site for more information about our products. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Telelink Communications representative.

 Please e-mail Jack Chomley or call 61 (0)7 49340413 or MOB 61 (0)428199551

Please Note:

Telelinkís Office will be CLOSED 7th March 2010  to 16th April 2010. As I am away on project work. Contact still available via email.

At Telelink we sell solutions, not problems!



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